Let's Talk: Diabetes Management

The presence of pre-diabetes, diabetes and insulin resistance are the strongest predictors of cardiovascular disease in the western world. These often coexist with obesity, hypertension and cholesterol abnormalities, together constituting Metabolic Syndrome.

Almost 25% of the American adult population have Metabolic Syndrome, the highest risk factor for cardiovascular events such as heart attacks, strokes, congestive heart failure and sudden cardiac death. Unfortunately the reality is that close to 50% of patients with the above conditions are not optimally controlled and remain at the highest risk for cardiovascular events.

As a Cardiologist, my focus in such individuals is to prevent catastrophic events by providing patient education, optimizing lifestyle, weight loss and decreasing inflammation. It is also essential to prescribe medications that have published data demonstrating a significant decrease in major cardiovascular events. Recent such publications are rapidly changing the landscape of Diabetes and Metabolic Syndrome management.

I encourage all individuals who may have a family history or suspect any of the above or may not be optimally controlled, to obtain a full evaluation and management plan to prevent future catastrophic cardiovascular events.

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